Midlet, Java

Issues with Anti-virus

Your antivirus software may warn you, that the game contain the JAVA/RedBrowser virus. This is a false positive. This happens with all applications created in MIDletPascal, because JAVA/RedBrowser was also created in MIDletPascal. But JAVA/RedBrowser is a separate application, it is in Russian and it asks the user to allow it to send SMS.

Current versions of certain anti-virus (Norton, McAfee, ...) see any class file generated by MidletPascal as being a virus, "Trojan.Redbrowser.A",
and automatically quarantine the suspected file.
This is a false positive, due to the fact that the RedBrowser trojan was written using the MidletPascal tool


Gunfight  freeware

Remake of the old arcade game "Gun Fight" 1975.
and "Boot Hill" 1977. by Midway

FullScreen MIDP2.0.

Classic MIDP1.0.

Select phone in "Setup"

When in play use key "0" to exit

When game over use
key "0" to exit

Gunfight2fs is testet on:
Motorola V3 / L7, V186, V190, V220 V360
- C380, E398, V550, V600, V620, C650
- E770v, V980
Nokia 3220, 6170, 6230i, 6600
Sagem X5, V55
Samsung SGH - X120, D500, D600, T809
- SPHA790
Sanyo 8300
Sharp TQ-GX15
Siemens C65, SL65, CX65
SonyEricsson J300i, K300i, K500i,S700i
- K700i, K750i, Z800

Gunfight1c is testet on:
Samsung SGH - X100
SE T630

Aero Pig  freespeechware

Hit Mohammed in the head, before
He burns the flag

FullScreen MIDP2.0.

Classic MIDP1.0.

This game was censored by getjar.com 

Select phone in "Setup"

When in play use key "0" to exit

Sound may not work
on all models.

Aeropig2fs is testet on:
Nokia 6170 - sound works.
Motorola V3 / L7 - sound works.

Aeropig1c is testet on:
SE T630 - sound works.


Fart  freeware

A Simple Fart MIDlet with Timer

FullScreen MIDP2.0.


Sound may not work
on all models.

Fart is testet on:
BlackBerry Bold 9900