DownLoad Mik'O'Meter v1.0 791kb

DownLoad Mik'O'Meter v1.3 - Update 312kb

DownLoad Mik'O'Meter v2.0 875kb

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Mik'O'Meter v1.0 keeps track of how much money is used when online.
The counter starts automatic when a carrier is detectet 
Mik'O'Meter v2.0 is in Danish and English. 


Small display.. 


How to start Ms-Exploren with Mik'O'Meter? 

Ms-Explore MAIL : 
D:\WIN95\EXPLORER.EXE /root,D:\WIN95\Internet Mail.{89292102-4755-11cf-9DC2-00AA006C2B84} 

Ms-Explore BROWSER: 

Ms-Explore NEWS: 
D:\WIN95\EXPLORER.EXE /root,D:\WIN95\Internet News.{89292103-4755-11cf-9DC2-00AA006C2B84} 


Mik'O'Meter hides as an icon in the systray (next to the watch). ONLY VERSION 2.5

Mik'O'Meter v1.0 / v1.1 / v1.2 / v1.3 / v2.0 af Mikael Mortensen CopyRight© 1996.